The subscribers of the famous Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov learned the great news - he opened another high-class establishment.

But not in Russia, but in Italy - on the island of Sardinia. He himself told the followers that there is now a Novikov restaurant in the town of Porto Cervo.

According to the businessman, he had never been so happy to open his own institution before, and all because these are difficult times, and a large number of events are taking place. It is worth noting that this is not the only Novikov restaurant that opened this year - wonderful dishes will also delight guests of the Turkish resort.

In Bodrum, Arkady Novikov chose the Yalıkavak Marina location for his restaurant. There are more than 600 berths, some of which are reserved for luxury superyachts. Nearby there are hotels, a huge shopping center and a number of premium stores, so the restaurant's visitors are provided.

Earlier it became known that Israel is lifting restrictions on the work of catering places, despite the second wave of coronavirus, which they are trying to counter all over the world. Also, the Maldives allowed tourists to enter the country, abandoning official restrictions due to the pandemic.

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