The recently launched Nautor's Swan 98 is the latest addition to the Maxi line. It is suitable for both recreational cruising and racing.

The first copy of the Maxi 98 series called BeCool was presented at a virtual press conference at the end of last week. The 98 Series includes a range of Maxi models ranging from 65' to 131'. They were created by designer Herman Frers, who has collaborated with the legendary shipbuilder for more than three decades.

During the press conference, Frers spoke about innovations in materials technology and how designers have to adapt their designs to them. “As these yachts grow in size, they become lighter due to stiffer materials, so it is important to optimize their comfort,” he said. “And since boats are used for both racing and recreational cruising, it's important to make the journey as smooth as possible. We think the new 98 delivers a good balance of speed and comfort. It will be the first in the current Maxi line.”

BeCool is one of several possible configurations for the 98ft range. The vessel can be optionally customized to the needs of the owners. The combination of cruising and racing qualities of the first model will make it possible to use it both for traveling around the world and for participating in various sailing regattas. The first debut of the Swan 98 will take place at the Rolex Swan Cup race in Porto Cervo from 7 to 13 September 2020.

Nautor's Swan CEO Giovanni Pomati said the Maxi series, which launched in 1972, is still one of the most popular models in sailing history. According to Pomati, more than 80 yachts of the Maxi series ply the seas around the world at the moment.

Swan officials say the 98 line will mark the beginning of a new era. Lightweight carbon fiber composites are used to build these yachts at Swan's specialized shipyard in Pietarsaari, Finland. Future owners can choose one of two options for the location of the owner's cabin - in the stern or bow. There are also four interior design options.

The Model 98 has a telescoping keel that reduces draft. Thus, with the keel down, the yacht is very stable when sailing in turbulent oceans, and with the keel up, it can even enter shallow harbors. BeCool looks unusually flat due to the fact that the cabin does not protrude above the deck surface. Frers designed a large communal cockpit amidships aft of the mast, while the open aft deck is ideal for sailing and racing. The open front deck is great for sunbathing while the boat is at anchor.

The interior includes three guest cabins, a suite for the owner, as well as a galley and a large central salon - a wardroom. The common area is spacious and open. There are three interiors to choose from by designer Misa Poggi. All of them are very minimalist, but completely unique. Thanks to large windows, the interior boasts pleasant natural light.

“Maxi design has changed a lot in the past 10 years,” said Poggi. “Now the interior is much more spacious and comfortable. The owner has a dressing room and a galley that can be used by both the owner and guests. The living room is very spacious and filled with light.”

The 98 series yachts will be developed in various configurations, says Poggi. The design of BeCool was originally designed for dual use: for recreational cruising and racing. There will be another design - with a focus on racing. The third is for round-the-world cruises with on-board systems that can provide increased ship self-sufficiency and longer voyages. Poggi also said that several more Maxi superyachts are currently being built at the shipyard of the company, including 120-foot (36.6 m) and 125-foot (38.1 m) models. Also under construction is another Maxi 88 model, which the company intends to introduce to the world in September this year.

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