Dangerous fun of sea giants: why whales "jump" on yachts

Photo hunting enthusiasts almost became victims of a huge southern whale: a ten-meter sea “monster” jumped onto their ship near the South African city of Cape Town.

Photohunters, making a boat trip and enjoying the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, noticed a southern right whale swimming near their yacht. Turning off the ship's engine, they watched the mammal for thirty minutes: a whale about 120 meters from the yacht jumped out of the water and flopped back. However, a few minutes later, the animal rose to the surface only 10 meters away.

According to one of the travelers, the whale suddenly fell on the deck of the ship, broke the matcha and just as unexpectedly plunged into the water. In the meantime, people managed to hide in a shelter. After that, amateur naturalists hurried back to the shore. It is noted that the repair of the boat will cost approximately $10,000.    

Dangerous fun of sea giants: why whales "jump" on yachts

According to the participants in the events, the incident was just an accident, and the whale did not intentionally try to attack the ship. The engine was turned off, so the mammal simply did not notice the boat.

As you know, southern whales are half-blind, they move in the water, relying on sound. In addition, they are known for their "playfulness". Animals often emerge alone or in groups at high speed and flop back into the ocean.   

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