A new port may appear in Arkhangelsk

The Regional Ministry of Economic Development of the Arkhangelsk region is working on the issue of building a new yacht port in the region.

As the governor of the region Alexander Tsibulsky notes, the implementation of the project called "Pomorskaya Harbor" is aimed at developing sailing, yachting and winter windsurfing, servicing domestic and foreign ships, which can be beneficial in terms of economic return.

Tsibulsky stressed that active work is underway to give the project the status of a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation. In this case, a potential investor will be able to receive a better set of benefits. And it will be a completely different "economic model".

Today, 15,000 small boats are registered in the Arkhangelsk region, but all functioning harbors in the region do not have the necessary high-quality equipment and do not provide customers with the required range of services.    

It is noted that the location of Arkhangelsk on the large navigable river Northern Dvina, which flows into the White Sea, became a prerequisite for the construction of the port.

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