Coronavirus pandemic spurred superyacht sales

Megayacht sales have skyrocketed as wealthy buyers seek protection from the coronavirus and ways to avoid the restrictions it has caused.

If earlier wealthy people preferred to invest in expensive mansions and luxury cars, today yachts are in the greatest demand. And the main reason for this lies in the coronavirus pandemic. Being on board a ship in the middle of the ocean guarantees the highest level of protection against disease. In addition, water transport allows you to avoid the restrictions caused by the coronavirus - you can move freely around the world.

According to Boat International, about 50% of sales are in the US. The cost of most yachts purchased in the world is relatively low and ranges from 1 to 6 million dollars. It is not uncommon to purchase used boats, which have relatively low operating costs of approximately $250,000 per year. Nevertheless, they can be equipped with everything necessary, including sometimes even gyms and swimming pools, and are able to provide their owners with a high level of comfort.

But real giants are also acquired, equipped with everything that is possible. For example, how can one not remember jeff bezos yacht, rumors about the beginning of construction of which appeared recently. It is expected that this vessel will immediately take second place in the list. the biggest sailboats and its cost will be at least $500 million.

According to some reports, about $1.5 billion was spent on such purchases in 2021 alone. And according to representatives of the charity Oxfam, which solves the problem of poverty and the injustices associated with it, all this looks extremely unethical. It is stated that it would be much more appropriate to spend such money on vaccinating the population of some poor country. For example, this would be enough for the whole of Nepal, where the coronavirus has caused really very serious damage.

However, Boat International Editor-in-Chief Stuart Campbell does not share such categorical judgments. According to him, it is a misconception that all superyachts are necessarily owned by dishonest oligarchs. The vast majority of their owners earned their money honestly and many of them willingly do charity work. In addition, these people also contribute to the development of the shipbuilding and tourism industries.

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