Yacht Black Pearl, photo Tom van Oossanen/Oceanco

In the past, the Amazon founder did not own yachts, but he took an active interest in sea travel.

Technical details are not yet known, but the 127m three-masted vessel is expected to be one of the finest sailboats in existence today. With such dimensions, the yacht will immediately take second place in sailing superyacht rating, located between the 144-meter "A" and the 107-meter "Black Pearl".

The start of construction of a yacht for Bezos was announced by Bloomberg Businessweek, citing an excerpt from Brad Stone's upcoming book Amazon Unbound. It is reported that the construction of the vessel will be carried out by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco, which built the Black Pearl in 2016. Representatives of Bezos did not respond to a request from the publisher.

But that's not all - a smaller support yacht will also be built, equipped with a helipad. Various sources, including Lauren Sanchez, a friend of Bezos, said that the Amazon founder had previously taken helicopter flying lessons.

While superyachts are often the property of the mega-rich, Bezos, the richest man in the world with a net worth of $193 billion, has never owned a boat before. And although it was previously claimed on the Web that he owns superyacht Flying Fox, worth $ 400,000 million, this information was subsequently not confirmed in any way. However, Bezos clearly enjoys sea travel, having been spotted on boats owned by other celebrities in the past.

Bezos previously announced that he plans to step down as Amazon CEO as early as the third quarter of 2021, and Andy Yassi, who previously served as CEO of AWS, will take his place. And although the founder of the company plans to take an active part in its fate in the future, his goal is the development of third-party projects. Such as the Earth Fund and Day One, The Washington Post, and the aerospace company Blue Origin.

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