Sailing ships off the coast of Spain and Portugal are attacked by killer whales

Scientists are seriously concerned about the unpredictable behavior of killer whales, which from the Strait of Gibraltar to the coast of Galicia attack sailing ships, damaging the engine and injuring people.

The reasons for this aggressive behavior are still unknown. It is noted that in recent months, sailors have sent an SOS signal several times after unpleasant encounters with angry marine mammals. Two yachts lost part of their rudder, and at least one person was injured as a result of a killer whale attack. Serious damage to the technical part was received by several more ships.

The last case occurred off the northern coast of the Spanish Kingdom. The sailing ship was bound for Britain when a mammal crashed into its stern more than a dozen times. As a result of such a "collision", control of the yacht was lost and she was forced to be sent to the port to assess the damage.

The yacht of Victoria Morris was badly damaged, which was attacked nine times by killer whales. For several hours, marine life hit the ship's hull, eventually turned it 180 degrees, disabled the engine and broke the rudder.

Similar attacks are observed regularly along the entire coast of Spain and Portugal. At the same time, it was not possible to establish whether there is one flock of killer whales or there may be several.         

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