The Slovenian shipyard Greenline Yachts has shared its plans for the production of two hybrid models at once: Greenline 45 Coupe (15 m) and Greenline OceanClass 68 (20.8 m).

The 15-meter yacht should see the world next year, it is planned to be prepared for the Boot Düsseldorf exhibition, which takes place in January.

The Greenline 45 Coupe has a practical hull, dual shaft drive from Volvo and can accelerate to 30 knots. And the layout is made in the style of Greenline 45 Fly. The hydrodynamic characteristics of the yacht were handled by J&J Design. Marco Casali from Too Design took care of the interiors.

The roof of the yacht is decorated with solar panels. The total power of eight batteries is 2.4 kW. Under sunlight, they can produce 15 kWh of electrical energy in its purest form. This amount is quite enough to meet all the needs of four passengers, and the generator does not need to be turned on.

The Greenline OceanClass 68 will be the largest hybrid yacht ever produced and will also become the flagship of the company's lineup. It will be able to move due to the engine with a capacity of 1 thousand hp, as well as two electric motors. Due to the electrics, the yacht will be able to gain 7 knots per hour, up to 40 knots can be sailed on a battery charge.

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