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French shipbuilding company Jeanneau occupies a serious position in the European yacht market. The shipyard creates magnificent sailing and motor yachts, both of a sports type and designed for sea cruises. Also among the model range there are various boats for recreation and fishing. With half a century of boat building experience, Jeanneau rightfully considered one of the leaders in this field. The company's yachts have repeatedly received international awards.

Firm Jeanneau was founded in 1957. The shipyard specialists were among the first in the world practice - since 1961 - to manufacture yacht hulls from fiberglass. speedboats Jeanneau from the very beginning they were distinguished by excellent seaworthiness and a high degree of reliability, which soon gained immense popularity. Constantly improving their design and introducing the latest technologies into production, the company has successfully developed, now the company's five own factories produce about 6,000 yachts and boats a year. Shipyards Jeanneau located both in France and Poland, the total number of employees is about two thousand people. The international dealer network of the company in more than fifty countries includes more than three hundred official representatives. In 1995 Jeanneau became part of the Beneteau-Group.

One of the main distinguishing features of yachts Jeanneau is their impeccable quality. When manually assembling the cases, all woodwork is carried out under the strictest computer control, thanks to which the structural details are adjusted to each other almost perfectly. The wooden part of the boats does not tarnish and does not collapse under the influence of ultraviolet rays due to the use of a special patented varnish.

Latest Models Jeanneau are a brilliant example of innovative design, combining excellent technical data and a comfortable, functional interior.

Yacht line
Sailing court:
Sun Odyssey - Sun Odyssey "Performance" - cruising sailboats from 9 to 15 meters.
Sun Odyssey Deck Salon – cruising sailboats from 12 to 16 meters.
Sun Fast 3200
Sun 2000 and Sun 2500
Motor vessels
Prestige – motor yachts from 10 to 15.30 meters.
Cap Camarat "Open" and "Walk-Around" - from 5 to 9.50 meters.
leader – boats from 5 to 8 meters.
Merry Fisher - fishing / walking.
Rigiflex - inboard motor boats, small boats and small craft with an outboard motor.
Runabout 755 - Concept yacht.