Sun Fast 30 One Design

The new project is being created in the world of ocean racing.

Jeanneau has teamed up with Multiplast to develop the Sun Fast 30 One Design, an innovative high performance and affordable sailboat that will become the benchmark in its class.

The design of the 20ft boat was developed by the Yacht Club de France, the British Royal Ocean Racing Club and the American Storm Trysail Club with the aim of creating a new affordable project in sailing for a new generation.

The yacht received a powerful and versatile hull adapted for marine purposes. And Multiplast has provided this monohull with easy-to-maintain and affordable equipment.

Jeanneau x Multiplast partnership

Through a new partnership, Jeanneau x Multiplast aims to create a promising new project in the world of ocean racing. Jeanneau will build the Sun Fast 30 One Design at its shipyard in Chevir, near Nantes. The shipyard will also provide service, warranty and technical support to the project due to its industrial potential.

Perfoming and eco-responsible boat

The cooperation between Jeanneau x Multiplast is also based on the principles of respect for the environment. As part of the creation of the yacht, special attention will be paid to innovation and eco-design - at all stages of design, construction and operation.

The Sun Fast 30 One Design will be created using Arkema's innovative Elium thermoplastic resin. The product on the 20% is made from recycled and recyclable materials, which plays an important role throughout the boat's life cycle. Thus, the ship will become the first production sailing ship suitable for recycling. The power of the yacht will be provided by two engines - thermal and electric - with the same weight, without affecting the overall design of the boat.

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