Thailand reopens to tourists with special STV visa

The Thailand Tourism Authority has announced that the Kingdom has reopened to tourists and foreign crews under the recently launched STV special tourist visa system.

Initially, the STV long-term tourist visa applied to all categories of tourists - from ordinary travelers to investors and businessmen, subject to strict compliance with all anti-epidemiological measures. From October 30, 2020, such a visa also applies to the crews of foreign yachts.

STV allows a 90-day stay in Thailand, which can be extended twice for an additional 90 days. The cost of the visa is 2,000 baht, and each extension is an additional 2,000 baht.    

Applications from tourists and crews of foreign vessels for obtaining STV can be submitted within 30 days after the announcement (October 30). They will be available until September 30 next year.

Tourists and crew members upon arrival in the Kingdom undertake to comply with the necessary requirements for the control and prevention of coronavirus infection. They need to undergo a 14-day quarantine on board their boat and be tested for COVID-19 three times.

In addition, they must have a medical policy that fully covers the treatment of a viral disease with a minimum coverage of $100,000.

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