At auction at Sotheby's were put up for sale three paintings by a street artist from the UK, who became famous under the pseudonym Banksy.

The three seascapes fetched more than £2.2 million in a storm of bidding, nearly $3 million. The auction house Sotsby shared the news of the sale.

According to a preliminary estimate, the triptych entitled "Mediterranean Sea, 2017" should have gone from the auction for no less than 800 thousand pounds or 1 million dollars. It was assumed that as a result of the auction, the cost will increase by 400 thousand pounds or half a million dollars.

Banksy chose three paintings for the auction, which he painted in oils and designed for the romantic era. Against the backdrop of stormy seascapes, a few circles and life jackets are clearly visible - this is how he revealed the topic of migration. According to the Air Force, the paintings have already managed to appear on the wall of the hotel opened by the artist for some time.

All proceeds from the sale of paintings are planned to be directed to the purchase of medical equipment for the Bethlehem clinic, located on the West Bank of the Jordan River. Banksy is the most popular anonymous artist, in his work he raises important world topics - speeches against capitalism and political wars.

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