The Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman is famous for its luxury yachts. The manufacturer's headquarters is located in Vollenhof.

These days, the assembly of a new cruise yacht has started, the length of which will be 46 meters. The sailboat Royal Huisman Project 405 became an order from an experienced yachtsman.

The customer hopes to get a vessel on which he can travel long distances. At the same time, the yacht must be very dynamic and light so that it can take part in competitions where only the best of the best boats of this level are represented. In the early stages, the owners of the yacht took part in the development of its design.

Nauta Design Bureau will handle the interior and exterior design. As for the maritime design, it will be entrusted to the Reichel/Pugh bureau. To lead the project and see to it that everything was perfect, they invited a super professional in this area - Nigel Ingram from MCM. He will work on the project together with a team of like-minded racers from the owner of the yacht.

Representatives of the shipyard are confident that the project will be mega-successful and will go down in history, since all agreements were made not in person, but online, via phones and during video conferences. Lightweight aluminum and carbon elements will be used for construction.

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