In mid-July, bailiffs visited the river yacht club of St. Petersburg on the Petrovsky Spit.

The result of the visit was the dismantling of ladders necessary for mooring yachts to pontoons. Yacht owners have had the unpleasant experience of getting on their boats with objects they could find nearby and repurpose for the intended purpose.

All other anchorages cannot accept new yachts, as they are already completely overloaded, some have closed for repairs and reconstruction. The fact that the yachts need to be removed in advance was warned back in June - a corresponding announcement was posted in the yacht club. The bailiffs appeared regularly, took pictures, but did not communicate with the shipowners.

The yacht club admits that the situation is not pleasant. The management has already filed an appeal against the actions of the bailiffs in the hope of declaring them illegal. And tenants in this situation can only sit and wait for the situation to be resolved. There are no delays on their part.

The yacht club is worried about their customers. Yacht owners have no choice. Even if everyone is forced to leave the port, they have no other options, since there is no similar club in the city. Here are both the yachts of local owners and outsiders. And they were the ones who suffered the most. As for the local infrastructure, it needs to be updated long ago.

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