Damen Yachting Reveals SeaXplorer 105 Details

According to Damen Yachting itself, the SeaXplorer 105 is a real "master of the seas" confirming the shipyard's status as a leading builder of expedition yachts.

Some new details about the SeaXplorer 105 yacht, the flagship of the Dutch shipyard Damen Yachting, a division of the Damen Shipyards Group created in 2019, have become known. This luxurious 105m 8-deck vessel is capable of providing the highest level of comfort for 24 guests on long sea voyages of up to 8,000 miles.

On board the yacht there was a place for a two-man helipad (main and reserve areas), she can carry four tenders from 8 to 12 meters in length, plus a couple of small submarines. There is enough space for an outdoor cinema, a full-sized doubles tennis court or a basketball court. The transom of the yacht is not only a platform for swimming, but also an open bar area. There is also an indoor spa, the size of which made it possible to accommodate an 8-meter swimming pool, a jacuzzi, massage rooms, a hairdresser, a beauty salon and a treatment room. 

For those wishing to enjoy the opening views, there is a 123 sq.m observation area in the bow with a bar and a multimedia center. At the same time, the creators of the yacht have provided ample opportunities for subsequent customization, so that customers receive ample space for the realization of their own ideas. 

However, the yacht is interesting not only in terms of design and comfort, but also from the technical side. It is driven by the latest hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that meets all stringent environmental requirements and is capable of providing a maximum speed of 16 knots. We also note the presence of special capacious trash bins, which guarantee the absence of environmental pollution during travel. The hull of the yacht is built with all the complexities of traveling in rapidly changing ice conditions. 

The development of the SeaXplorer 105 was carried out with the active participation of designers and engineers from Azure Yacht Design and EYOS Expeditions. At the same time, the best practices from previous projects were taken - SeaXplorer 90, SeaXplorer 95 and SeaXplorer 100. 

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