New mysterious details have surfaced in the case of the disappearance of a British woman from a luxury yacht

In the case of British citizen Sarm Heslop, who disappeared without a trace from her boyfriend's yacht in the Caribbean on March 7, new mysterious details have appeared.

Heslop, 41, was with her boyfriend, American yachtsman Captain Ryan Bain, on the boat Siren Song, moored in Frank Bay, St. John Virgin Island, on the eve of her disappearance. On the morning of March 8, Bain reported the missing girl.

As it turned out, at two in the morning the man woke up because of the loud sound of the anchor signaling of the boat, which had already managed to swim 30 meters to the shore. At this time, Bane noticed the disappearance of his beloved. However, the man reported the incident to the Coast Guard only 10 hours later.

Close girls told the New York Post that "the chronology of events is devoid of any logic." It is known that Bain called the police at 2:30 a.m. and was instructed to report the incident to the Coast Guard. But the service noted that the British only learned about the loss at 11:46 am on March 8.

There were suggestions that Heslop accidentally fell off the boat. But friends told the publisher that they were "incredibly hard" to believe in this scenario, since the boat was in shallow water.

In connection with this incident, the police began to conduct large-scale searches on land and at sea. At the same time, Bain denied access to the yacht and sought legal advice. Shortly after Heslop was reported missing, her boyfriend, on the advice of a lawyer, exercised his constitutional right to remain silent and denied the officers' requests to search the boat.

According to the girl's friends, all her belongings, including her passport and phone, were left in the boat. “She would not just disappear without leaving a trace. Sarm is responsible and reasonable, and this is not at all like her, ”the friends who created the Missing Person Facebook page said in a statement.

Unfortunately, searches in the water have not yet yielded any clues to the disappearance of the British woman.

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