X-Yachts unveils compact cruising yacht XC 35

The Danish company X-Yachts has presented to the public a new cruising yacht XC 35, which, despite its compact size, is characterized by high driving performance and amazing comfort.

The very first ship of the X-Yachts X-79 cruising series was created by the brothers Niels and Lars Jeppsen back in 1979. Its name X-79 was supposed to mean both the length of the vessel and the year of its launch.

The development of the new model was the result of many years of work of developers and designers who tried to focus on the overall comfort of the yacht, the ease of operation of its on-board systems and the highest level of safety.

The XC 35 is a unique product that can meet the needs of a wide variety of audiences. She is equipped with sails from North Sails, which are currently considered almost the best solution for XC.

The basis of the vessel, as well as the previous lines of X-Yachts, is the steel frame of the steel frame, which securely tightens the hull of the vessel. It perfectly raises the set, dissipates keel and mast loads.

Sections of hull and deck division XC-35 are created in the form of a sandwich system. To improve the strength characteristics and facilitate the design, type E fiberglass, foam and polyester resin were used in its production. The novelty will be presented on the market in only one layout: two cabins and one latrine. The latter is quite spacious and comfortable, despite the lack of a shower.  

Serial production of the XC-35 yacht will be carried out at the company's subsidiary located in Poland. According to preliminary information, the average cost of a new model in the basic configuration will be 200,000 euros.

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