Varianta 44

The owners of the Hanse shipyard presented the original 13-meter yacht for 99,999 euros.

The Varianta 44 is interesting for several reasons. The most important is the cost: 99,999 euros including VAT, which is exactly the price of a fully finished yacht in standard equipment, with an engine and sails, almost ready to go to sea. Compared to other sailing yachts of the same size, this is more than half the price!

The yacht can be ordered via the Internet, the online configurator allows you to select all the necessary options, automatically calculate the price and place an order. Fast, transparent and no dealer commissions, such a sales channel is used for the first time in the yacht market.

The creators of this Varianta are interesting: Michael Schmidt, owner of the Hanse Group (Hanse, Moody and Dehler) and the famous bureau judel / vrolijk & co. The yacht is being built at the Hanse facilities in Poland, for the manufacture of the Varianta 44 hull, the shape of the Hansa 430 yacht is used.

Further complicating the pedigree is the slogan under which the yacht is shown at the latest exhibitions in Barcelona and Paris: “From Dehler with love”. Dehler is a legendary German shipyard that was sold in crisis to the Hanse Group about two years ago.

What happened to these eminent German parents? Appearance Varianta 44 speaks for itself: classic lines, white color, nothing more. Budget deck equipment, thin railings, everything is made as simple as possible. However, this is the humble little sister of the Hanse 430, whose appearance has appealed to so many yachtsmen.

Calling the interior minimalistic or revolutionary is impossible, how would you call a set of inexpensive furniture from IKEA? Light colors, right angles, bright sofas and original design of partitions. Modestly, budget, but all elements of the interior are present, although they are maximally simplified.

The Varianta 44 will cause confusion and skepticism among many yachtsmen, but the Hanse Group team, led by Michael Schmidt, know what they are doing. The Varianta 18 has proved successful, with over 120 yachts already sold at a price of €10,000.

It is possible that the Varianta 44 will also be able to outgrow childhood illnesses and become quite a worthy yacht at a unique price.

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