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If you decide to go sailing, then you will have to think about your equipment.

Specialized yachting can be different, and now there are surprisingly many clothes for water. This phenomenon is explained simply: since people pursue different goals when sailing, manufacturers want to satisfy all the needs of yachtsmen. Accordingly, there are a great variety of models and materials on the market today. It's not easy to figure everything out, but we'll try anyway.

Main principle

This is multi-layered. Very often, a three-layer system is recommended, which includes a base, middle and waterproof layers. This protection is designed to provide maximum comfort.

Mandatory set

It consists of several things that are included in the must have category. These are thermal underwear (base), fleece clothing (middle or insulating layer) and pants with a jacket (waterproof). Of course, we must not forget about shoes, gloves and a hat. The latter, by the way, is especially true for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Why is it important for girls to clean their hair? Just beautifully developing hair can be pulled into a block on a boom sheet. And it will hurt, and then it will be ugly for a very long time.

Why is it important for girls to clean their hair? Just beautifully developing hair can be pulled into a block on a boom sheet. And it will hurt, and then it will be ugly for a very long time.


The layered clothing system has been designed for maximum functionality. Usually all three layers are worn in wet and cold weather. If the rain has stopped, the wind has weakened and it has become hot, the upper waterproof layer is removed (jacket and pants). It has become even warmer - you can take off your fleece clothes. And if the sun is shining in full, and the air temperature is rising, you can safely change into shorts and T-shirts. Moreover, the manufacturers took into account the operating conditions of the clothes on the yacht, and even the shorts were made with a reinforced back.

Outfit also depends on the goals. And, directly. Where are you going to walk? At sea, by river? How long? These questions help determine the desired parameters of clothing and choose the best and most functional option.


The time of incomprehensible oilcloth materials has passed. Yachtsmen are less and less likely to look like in those not yet distant times, when they looked like alien aliens in frightening costumes. A new era of equipment has begun. Now manufacturing companies are trying to overtake each other in the introduction of new technologies and all sorts of know-how.

Let's start with the analysis of the layers of equipment. So:

– Basic

The clothing of this layer is also referred to as capillary. According to the density of the fabric, two types are produced. i2 Lite provides good ventilation during exercise and in warm weather. i2 Tec is used in cold weather and is aimed at maximizing heat retention.

– Middle or insulating layer

For production, a fabric made of synthetic thermal insulating fibers is used. They provide moisture to the outer layer. These materials dry quickly and retain heat very well. It also provides fabric of different density (usually fleece). There are models with exterior finish from moisture.

– Outer layer

Designed for wind and water protection. For its production, a membrane (“breathable”) fabric is used, which allows moisture to be removed from the inner layers, but does not let it inside. It must be borne in mind that it does not have heat-insulating properties.


Thank God that the world does not stand still. And the good news is that change is happening quickly. Linen is now not just thin, but very thin. And warm. Works like a thermos. That is, it retains body heat, protects the skin and does not let the cold in. But, at the same time, it blows. Therefore, it must be worn under overalls (second layer). Only in this case does it work. The thermo is worn directly on the body, thereby contributing to the removal of moisture. At the same time, technologies allow you to keep warm and dry even during intense physical exertion.


There is more variety here than anywhere else. Choose - I do not want! If someone does not know, then Polartec is one of the varieties of this material. Other representatives of this family are in no way inferior to the patented brand. 

Fleece types:

– microfleece

This is the name of the very thin material of the second layer.

- 100, - 200, - 300. By thickness and, accordingly, by warmth. The warmest type of fleece is 300.

– wind block

This material does not heat, but only protects from the wind.

– wind active (90% wind protection from wind bloc)

This one is both warm and windproof.


Gloves are needed. Especially for the clew. This piece of clothing has a number of indicators that are best not to be neglected. On the palm (working side), gloves should be made of the most non-slip fabric. This is necessary, first of all, in order to quickly work with sheets and halyards. And don't burn your hands on them.

This could have been limited, but it was not there. Gloves are different. Naturally, they differ not only in colors (black, white, red). 

There are gloves that cover all fingers, and there are those that cover everything except the index and thumb. It is believed that this is the most functional option.

There are also such gloves on which the phalanxes of all fingers are “free”. They are called short fingers - comfortable, but still such models have their drawbacks. The fact is that from the water the material begins to shrink and get closer to the base of the fingers. And it turns out that unprotected skin can suffer.

And, of course, let's not forget about socks. Thanks to modern technology, you can forget about your grandmother's woolen socks. Now my feet are dry and comfortable. More precisely, if not completely dry, then always comfortable and warm. At the same time, the materials from which the socks are made will not provoke any irritation and allergies.


Naturally special. The pattern and material of the sole should be different from everyday. You can also walk on the streets in it. But not vice versa: in street shoes you should not climb on board. And there are several reasons. Special yacht shoes provides a special sole. It does not collect coastal sand, does not leave marks on the deck and does not slip. This is very important, because a lot depends on the stability and confident movement on board the boat. And victory is not the last argument to pick up special shoes for yourself.

The material is also used special. Manufacturers take into account frequent contact with water and therefore impregnate fabrics with special compounds.

Shoes are of the following types:

  • Leather boots
  • Rubber boots
  • Neoprene boots and boots
  • deck shoes

Sports orientation

Naturally, clothes of an increased level of comfort fall under this category. This means that it is convenient to move around the boat in it, and it does not hinder movement, and at the same time it was designed for different weather conditions.

Here we can separately note the "wet" wetsuits, which are designed specifically for sailors. They are designed to protect against water and cold. Accordingly, the thicker the neoprene layer, the higher the protective properties. Women's models are tailored to the structural features of the body of the beautiful half of the fleet.

Baby clothes

Everything here is grown-up. And pants, and jackets, and T-shirts, and shoes. There is no discrimination. Moreover, all these models are designed for growth. So it is necessary to focus not on age, but on height.

Mandatory and desirable

Safety vests or life jackets. The main requirements for them are reliability and comfort. Therefore, they should be of minimal volume and not hinder movement. In addition, this part should fit as close to the body as possible, and this can only be ensured by adjustable belts.

Trapeze. A very desirable detail that allows you to most effectively tilt the boat. Applies to racing only. At the same time, it helps to evenly distribute the load, reducing painful pressure on individual parts of the body. In addition, modern trapezes are equipped with modern mechanisms that allow you to adjust the position of the body and unfasten even under load. Just press the button. 


This is the most interesting niche. Kind of a phenomenon. Since women are increasingly joining the charms of the water-wind element, manufacturers decided to restore justice and began to sew clothes for women. Here you can find windproof jackets in flashy pinks. Or women's pants: they take into account all the features of the figure and help to acquire an almost feminine silhouette. But, between us, this silhouette is still far from the concept of "girlish".

In addition, representatives of the weaker sex can buy interesting T-shirts in pink and blue colors. And with pictures of a sailing theme. Even a T-shirt with a small corset-type tie.

The GILL company is engaged in this niche.


Here, first of all, it is worth talking about the MUSTO clothing line. It's called casual. It is designed for everyday wear. It includes different sweaters and shirts - they can be worn even in the office. Accordingly, a sailor will see a sailor from afar.

The Murphy & Nye line has a series of the same name. More precisely, almost all products are focused primarily on the combination of the actual design of the marine theme and practicality. Manufacturers endowed clothes with the ability to withstand various weather conditions. For example, trousers and coats made of canvas perfectly protect against strong winds, and the processing of the fabric for the effect of wear makes them really fashionable.

Glasses. This is a separate issue. For comfortable sailing on a yacht, you need not just sunglasses, but with polarized glasses. They are able to protect the eyes from glare and are designed for constant walking in the water element. In addition, a safety strap is usually included with such glasses. It allows you to forget that glasses can fly off. But, even if in some unthinkable way you managed to throw your glasses into the water, you don’t have to worry. They will not sink thanks to special materials. And that is not all. In yacht stores you can buy a set with three sets of glasses for different weather:

  • Dark, with full protection against glare, for sunny weather;
  • With yellow glasses for poor lighting;
  • With transparent glasses for changing light.

Typically, this design of glasses is equipped with side protection with ventilation holes - from fogging. In addition, these glasses are quite large. I know a person who bought this kit simply because it allows you to put ordinary glasses under the glasses.

Here we will talk about hats and caps. Unfortunately, it will not be as much as about glasses, due to the smaller variety of models. What are the hats in yachting equipment: naturally, there are warm ones, there are light ones, there is the Ala-hood model. Despite the fact that it resembles classic bank robbery overalls, the “hood” is still quite practical, warm and comfortable.

A whole conversation can turn out on the topic of bags. They are different. There are simply waterproof bags for clothes. And there are bags with a wide variety of “gadgets”. With several pockets - for dry and wet clothes. Even with compartments for drying clothes. Some models have drains and water valves.

A separate feature is a t-shirt for a trapezoid. She puts on over all the clothes, while on her stomach she has a special hole for fastening. 


yacht clothing happens, including, and diversified. For example, the Gaastra brand creates models that are also suitable for winter sports and various activities. At the same time, the clothes of this brand provide reliable protection from wind and water, and designers are trying to give maximum style to each item from the collection. 

As the song of the famous New Year's film says: "Think for yourself, decide for yourself - to have or not to have." Favorable wind.

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