The Yandex.Fueling service has a new option that is useful for travelers.

Now travelers can pay for the purchase of fuel, which they buy at floating gas stations for any water vehicles, including yachts, jet skis, boats, not in cash, but remotely - just swim up to the station and make a payment.

Yandex has three applications for payment, so you can pay in any of them, at the choice of the client - Maps, Navigator or Gas Stations. As soon as the payment is credited, and this is done instantly, you can use the refueling service and fill the tank for the transferred amount.

St. Petersburg has become the first city where this function has already been launched in the current mode, and the new service can already be used. It is also going to be introduced in other settlements. During quarantine, this method of remote payment will be especially in demand, experts say.

Using the remote payment method, ship captains can spend less time on the entire refueling procedure, while they significantly reduce the likelihood of contracting a coronavirus infection. The Yandex.Fueling service is intended for conducting fuel payment transactions. At the moment, it covers 5.5 thousand filling points throughout Russia.

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