Bavaria Yachts has unveiled a new version of the 41 Sport cruising yacht

The German shipbuilding company Bavaria Yachts, which occupies one of the leading positions in the production of cruising and racing yachts, has introduced a new version of the 41 Sport cruise boat.

The updated model of the vessel has become a symbiosis of beautiful interior decoration and ease of operation. Testing at racing distances confirmed the excellent running properties of the cruising boat in all weather conditions.

Among the main innovations of 41 Sport are the reliable hull reinforced with an additional deck section and the installation of a line of windows in the wheelhouse area. To ensure the speed of the vessel, the manufacturer removed the bathing platform, installed a taller and thinner mast, increased the false keel fin by 30 cm. Such changes made it possible to reduce the displacement by 600 kg, which had a positive effect on the speed and stability of the vessel on the water.

A yacht for athletes should be not only fast, but also simple and easy to manage. These principles were taken into account by Bavaria Yachts engineers when modernizing the 41 Sport. The company has equipped the boat with a mainsheet attachment in the cockpit, which allows the mainsail to better keep its shape on full courses, simplified footrests for the helmsman, which provide a comfortable position when moving the yacht.

The restructuring of the base model was aimed not only at increasing its speed characteristics, but also at maintaining internal comfort. At the same time, the company managed to make the new yacht inexpensive. Its cost compared to the base model has increased by only 30 thousand euros.

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