Buyers of Elan Yachts' E-Line, Impression and GT ranges will now have the option of installing any Oceanvolt engine model.

According to Elan Yachts herself, sailing is an opportunity to test yourself and feel connected to nature. And electric motors are ideal for this because of their environmental friendliness and lack of noise. As for Oceanvolt, these solutions are characterized by low power consumption with increased performance. Depending on engine power and battery capacity, range is between 25 and 70 miles at 5 knots.

And one of the distinguishing features of all Oceanvolt engines is the option of hydro generation, which makes them especially attractive. In order to recharge the battery, it is enough to sail at a speed above 5 knots. In addition, the company offers models with a hybrid generator, which can be very handy in the event of any emergency.

Yacht buyers will be able to choose from engines ranging from 6 to 15 kW (8 to 20 hp). There is also the option of purchasing a modular installation that allows you to combine motors with each other to obtain configurations of 10, 20 and 30 kW (15, 25, 40 hp). The decision to offer Oceanvolt engines for the entire Elan range was made after evaluating the results of a series of pilot projects that the manufacturers had carried out together in the past.

Oceanvolt has been on the market since 2004 and has a lot of experience with yachts of various classes, including high-speed racers. In 2016, for example, her 15kW system was on board the only clean-propelled 100% yacht in the Vendee Globe 45,000km round-the-world solo race. Then in recently completed race 2020 Oceanvolt engine was installed on Alex Thomson's Hugo Boss yacht (unfortunately due to rudder damage he had to leave the competition).

Oceanvolt solutions are becoming more and more popular as electrical installations continue to grow in popularity. And we can assume that cooperation with Elan Yachts is just the beginning of their victorious march through the world of yachting.

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