Freediver swam next to a giant crocodile and filmed it

Professional diver Chris Barnham swam for about 20 minutes near a giant saltwater crocodile off the coast of Arnhem Land in northern Australia. He filmed everything that happened on a video camera.

November 26 Barnham in the company of other experienced divers dived off the Australian coast. He was in the water and did not even imagine that all this time a giant predator was swimming near him. But suddenly one of his colleagues shouted: "Crocodile!".      

For some time, divers followed the reptile, after which they swam a little closer. Barnham said that they spent about 20 minutes in the company of a dangerous predator, filming everything that happened on video.

The recording shows how the combed lizard rises to the surface and is very close to the freediver. At the same time, Chris felt completely safe, as his diving companions have a total of more than half a century of diving experience in waters where there are crocodiles.

Note that the combed crocodile is one of the largest predators in the world. Males of this species are able to reach a length of up to 7 m, in weight - up to 2 tons. The eastern shores of India, the countries of Southeast Asia, and the north of Australia are considered to be the habitat of reptiles.       

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