The well-known watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen, together with the clothing brand Orlebar Brown, presented a unique watch model.

The chronograph has a long but very meaningful name - Portugieser Yacht Club Chronograph Edition "Orlebar Brown", reports

Joint watches have become a kind of symbol of the association of brands for a common goal, including the creation of a clothing collection. The parties are confident that they were able to convey the main message in their collection - closed borders and a travel ban are not at all a reason not to feel like a stylish yachtsman from Portugal.

The watch is designed specifically for travelers who prefer to move on the water. The chronograph has a reliable steel case that does not change its appearance under the influence of salt spray. Even the watch strap and, of course, the rich dark blue dial are water-resistant.

The color scheme of the chronograph is fully consistent with the preferences of Orlebar Brown. In addition to the main colors, there are also additional ones - the rubber strap with a textile lining has a colorful blue color. There is a Flyback function, the power reserve is quite impressive - up to 68 hours.

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