Hotel Antalya Turkey

Additions to the usual conditions were regular temperature measurements, plastic screens and sanitizers, as well as constant reminders of social distancing.

The Russians got the opportunity to rest in Turkey again after a long ban on flights, since August 10, individual charter flights have already begun to transport the first tourists. However, the usual "all inclusive" system has undergone some changes. Hotels in the country with more than 50 rooms are required to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism. An establishment that does not meet the requirements does not receive a special safety certificate and is not allowed to operate this season. 

The main requirement for hotels was to reduce the number of guests. The hotel should not be filled by more than 60-65%. For many tourists, this level of occupancy is even more preferable due to the many empty seats on the beach or in restaurants, it will be even more noticeable due to fewer tables and sunbeds, which will be placed further apart.

While there have been no significant changes in the work of hotel staff, tourists may notice many small additions. So, sanitizers are installed in all rooms, plastic screens are fixed between hotel employees and tourists in contact with them in the lobby and restaurants, hotel staff wear masks without fail (this requirement does not apply to tourists). Also everywhere you can find reminders of the need to maintain social distance. 

Everyone entering the hotel is subject to temperature measurement, the process takes place with the help of special cameras, and the temperature of the hotel employees is also regularly measured. Hotels are required to develop a plan of action in the event that signs of illness are detected in one of the guests or an employee. In particular, a few rooms should be reserved in such a way that a person with symptoms of the disease can be temporarily isolated from other guests and staff. In general, hotels have started the summer season as usual, and those tourists who have already become accustomed to information signs, masks and sanitizers in their country may not even replace innovations and fully enjoy their vacation.


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