The Spanish government hopes to end restrictive measures, quarantines and PCR tests for vaccinated tourists.

Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said the Spanish government will seek the approval of an international "vaccination passport" or a coronavirus immunity certificate that will allow the kingdom's tourism industry to resume operations.

The official stressed that Spain will become an "open world" state with effective protocols, while the authorities will support any program to restore safe tourism.

The Spanish government has consistently advocated the vaccination of citizens, not only of their own country, but also of Europe. According to Maroto, achieving a certain degree of immunization of the population is the main condition for the free movement of tourists. In addition, having a European-style vaccination certificate will make it possible to forget about quarantine restrictions and the PCR testing system.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdez, specifically stressed that the Spanish government has always opposed the idea of introducing mandatory quarantine for foreigners without a vaccine. He added that by the summer of 70% the country's population will be vaccinated, so tourists can safely plan a holiday in Spain.

Maroto and Valdez's statements were primarily addressed to the citizens of Great Britain and Europe, who bring the kingdom's tourism industry the biggest profit. Officials did not mention tourists from the Russian Federation. Thus, today the situation with the return of Russian citizens to Spanish resorts remains uncertain.

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