Nimbus Group intends to go public

The creators of the popular Swedish boats Nimbus have decided to go public and list shares on the NASDAQ.

The Swedish company Nimbus Group, which specializes in the production of boats and yachts, has decided to list its shares on the Nasdaq First North Growth trading floor under the identifier BOAT. Trading in Nimbus securities began today at 10:30 am Moscow time. The cost of one share is 52 crowns. At this price, the market capitalization of the manufacturer will be 1.8 billion crowns.

Hoding Nimbus Group owns the Nimbus brand of the same name, as well as such brands of motor boats as Alukin, Aquador, Bella, Falcon and Flipper, motor yachts Paragon yachts. 

There are 8,558,169 shares listed on the exchange, of which 3,846,154 are securities specially issued for the IPO, and 4,712,015 shares will be sold by the main co-owner, R12 Kapital Holdco AB. So far, 65% of IPO shares have found buyers among funds such as LMK Venture Partners, Lazard Asset Management, Briban Invest and others, which have submitted applications for the acquisition of Nimbus assets for a total of 291 million kroons.

In the event that the number of applications for the purchase of shares exceeds the offer, R12 Kapital Holdco AB is ready to place another 1,283,725 shares on the stock exchange. At the same time, the expected income from the placement of new securities will reach about 200 million kroons. Together with additional assets, the total value of the offer could reach 512 million kroons.

Professional investors from Sweden and foreign countries, as well as non-professional investors from Sweden, Finland and Norway will be able to take part in the Nimbus IPO. According to Jan-Erik Lindstrom, CEO of the shipbuilding company, the Nimbus Group's public offering of assets is the next stage in its development.

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