The territory of advanced development "Capital of the Arctic" will include the resort area "Liinakhamari Port".

The project has already been discussed at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the TOP and it was considered that the resort has very serious prospects for successful expansion by attracting impressive injections from outside.

After the Liinakhamari Port cluster is created, the zone will completely change and become even more attractive for tourists. It is assumed that attention will be paid to the development of various areas of tourism, including natural and ecological. Separately, all the necessary coastal infrastructure will be created to receive cruise yachts and pleasure craft.

In addition, they will develop sea fishing, underwater hunting and a number of other types of tourism, which are still practiced on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. So far, local authorities are working on a number of legal issues together with the border service and the Ministry of Defense.

Considering that domestic tourism is becoming more and more developed, the success of the event is inevitable. The emergence of a national project in the field of tourism provides maximum opportunities for turning Liinakhamari into a comfortable resort area. Therefore, the authorities of the Murmansk region will make every effort to include Liinakhamari in this program.

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