Dutch shipyard Van der Valk has unveiled its innovative 30m yacht concept.

The boat is intended for explorers and was designed by Guido de Groot. The yacht designer took into account the past work of Van der Valk, and he managed to create a fairly neat and compact boat.

The yacht was named quite promisingly - Explorer. It combines several directions at once. It is felt that the vessel will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of adventure, in addition, it has pleasant lines and clear hull outlines with a length of 30 meters.

The yacht is quite fast, very roomy and can immediately boast of an impressive set of characteristics inherent in superyachts, but only with relatively small parameters. The ship even marked out a beach club, a variety of water toys and a platform with hydraulics and the possibility of transformation.

The manufacturer claims that the interior of the yacht has a pleasant interior and high ceilings. All cabins for both crew and guests are very comfortable and spacious. The whole environment is placed in such a way that it does not feel crowded. The yacht is intended for family trips. When exactly the construction of the yacht will begin, Van der Valk has not yet specified.

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