"Miss Universe 2012" Olivia Culpo had fun on a yacht

Popular model, winner of the title of "Miss Universe 2012" Olivia Culpo celebrated Christmas with her loved ones, and then decided to change the winter environment for warm seascapes.

The titled beauty went to rest on a luxury yacht. To do this, she chose a stylish beach look. Instadiva put on a turquoise bikini and threw a white light shirt with flounces over her shoulders. Kalpo completed her perfect outfit with a ribbon on her head, which fixed her beautiful curls.

Former "Miss USA" posed against the backdrop of rocks and the blue sea, resting her hands on the railing of the boat. She put her foot forward and tilted her head slightly. Such an expressive pose harmoniously emphasized the curves of the slender, toned figure of the model.

"Miss Universe 2012" Olivia Culpo had fun on a yacht

“Now that Christmas is over, I don’t need snow! I'm ready for the sun! Who is with me? ”, Olivia signed the photo with these words. Subscribers admired the stylish image of Culpo and they were not stingy with compliments. “What a look”, “You are beautiful”, “I want to be with you”, “Wow” and other similar phrases, the followers expressed their admiration.

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