Molniya Foyle presented the first Russian-made electric boat

One of the main events of 2020 in the field of Russian shipbuilding was the production of the first fully electrified speedboat.

The authors of the novelty were the Russian company Molniya Foyle and a team of Moscow engineers. The boat was launched for the first time this summer.

The vessel stands out significantly from the background of modern analogues. It is equipped with hydrofoils, a folding automatic roof, as well as an electric power supply and control system that can be used to convert medium-tonnage ships into electric ones.

The features of the boat are full remote control and the ability to obtain remote information about the state of the vessel (breakdowns, charging status) via the Internet. Other advantages of the yacht include a durable hull made of environmentally friendly materials and quiet operation.

The boat received an electric motor with a torque of 130 Nm, which is capable of speeds up to 36 knots. At the minimum speed parameters, the yacht can travel 130 nautical miles, at the maximum - 20 miles. The manufacturer equipped the vessel with a powerful battery that can withstand a little more than 3,000 full charge cycles. It takes three hours to fully charge the battery.      

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