Monaco opens port in Ventimiglia, Italy

The new port of the Principality of Monaco - La Marina di Cala del Forte, located in the Italian Ventimiglia, began to receive the first yachts and sailing ships.

The harbor will be able to accommodate over 170 ships, depending on their size. The port was opened in the middle of last month. Due to the Chinese virus pandemic, the event was quiet and reserved. The organizers plan to hold the solemn ceremony next summer.

According to Monaco Port Manager Aleko Kössoglu, all the harbors in the Principality are overcrowded, so there is a need to build new ports of a certain size, as close as possible to Monaco.

The New Harbor is only 20 minutes from the Principality. Several hundred parking spaces have already been set up here, and a shopping area will open in the spring. The construction of the facility cost the authorities of Monaco 112 million euros.

About 40 yachts will winter in the port. Kössoglu notes that due to the pandemic, this is much less than expected. The most prestigious place, worth 14 million euros, which is provided for parking a 70-meter yacht, has not yet found a buyer.    

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