The new 12-meter boat from Yachts de Luxe will be powered by a lithium-sulphur battery

The two largest British companies Williams Advanced Engineering and Oxis Energy have joined forces to develop a 400 kWh lithium-sulfur battery that can provide the new 12-meter boat of the Singapore shipyard Yachts de Luxe with a cruising range of 185 km.

Recently, the English manufacturer Oxis Energy announced the creation of a safe, lightweight lithium-sulfur battery for the eColt electric aircraft. In turn, Williams AE was the main supplier of batteries for Formula E electric sports car racing. Both corporations have a lot of joint experience in creating lithium-sulfur batteries for cars, but now they have decided to work in the marine industry.

Using a custom Oxis ultralight lithium sulfur battery system, Williams will assemble a 400kWh battery and control system for a new 12m yacht from Singapore-based Yachts de Luxe. The vessel's range is expected to vary from 70 to 100 miles (130 to 185 km).

In the near future, Williams plans to equip other categories of boats with similar batteries, and then expand them to other areas: defense, aerospace, air vehicles.

The world's first boat powered by a lithium-sulphur battery is expected to premiere at the Monaco Yacht Festival next September.

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