Webhelp founder plans to create a floating art gallery

The founder of the international IT corporation Webhelp, entrepreneur Frederic Jus from France, announced that he plans to create a unique art gallery on the water.

Due to the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions, as well as the unstable situation in the world caused by the spread of the Chinese virus, contemporary art galleries have found themselves in a rather difficult situation. More than 70% industry participants describe the consequences for their business as "catastrophic," according to research by Americans for the Art.

However, despite the crisis, representatives of contemporary art prove that they are able to adapt to modern realities and are looking for new venues or forms of shows that are convenient for both visitors and artists, gallery owners, patrons, etc. Today, online exhibitions, digital showrooms, sales of works through social networks.

A non-standard solution to the problem was proposed by Frederic Zhus, who announced his intention to create a unique floating art gallery project. On his order, Axel de Beaufort and Oki Sato developed the design of the world's largest 46-meter explorer. The French businessman plans to use the advanced catamaran Art Explorer as a floating museum for about 8 months a year. The ship will travel from port to port and showcase contemporary art on board. Zhus also plans to independently cruise the explorer once a month, rent it out for several months to cover part of the cost of maintaining the vessel and its maintenance.

According to experts, the effective and safe traffic of visitors to the floating gallery will be 2,000 people. One of the key advantages of the vessel is its high environmental friendliness. Art Explorer will sail and thus will not harm the aquatic environment.

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