Pen Duick VI to take part in Ocean Globe Race 2023

The famous ketch Pen Duick VI will take part in the 2023 Ocean Globe Race, which is held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Whitbread Race.

The Pen Duick VI is known for being once owned by Eric Tabarly, a legendary figure in the world of watersports. Still, because this yachtsman and racer is actually considered the creator of modern French yachting. This man was not just in love with the sea, he lived it. A multiple winner of various competitions, who set several records, he spent most of his life on the water surface. For the victory over the British yachtsmen in 1964 in the Transatlantic race, he was even awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor, which Charles de Gaulle presented to him.

The yachtsman died at the age of 66 when he was thrown overboard by a boom on a stormy night, after which they could not find him. Both the life and death of this man were dedicated to the sea. In 2008, the memorial museum of Eric Tabarly was opened in Lorian.

It all started in 1898, when the Scotsman William Fife built a small wooden sailing ship, which was then bought from him by Guy Tabarly, the father of the future legend. The boat was named Pen Duick and subsequently became a real family treasure of the Tabarly family. As for the name of the vessel, it has become successive. 

Pen Duick VI to take part in Ocean Globe Race 2023
Pen Duick

In 1973, the 22-meter Pen Duick VI was launched. This boat was designed by André Morik and built in record time so that Tabarly could take part in the first round-the-world Whitbread Race in 1973 (in 2001 the name of the regatta was changed to The Ocean Race). In that regatta, the rider was constantly pursued by failures and breakdowns, for this reason, although he won the second stage, the Italian Sayula II went to the final victory.

Pen Duick VI returned to the 1977-78 Whitbread Race under the new name Gauloises II, but was disqualified due to some design features inconsistent with race rules. The ship then competed again in the 1981-82 race under the name Euromarché and finished 10th overall.

Subsequently, Pen Duick VI, remaining the property of the Tabarly family, was used as a charter vessel for cruises almost all over the world. The participation of the famous vessel in the Ocean Globe Race 2023 was announced by Marie Tabarly, the daughter of the famous yachtsman. “Pen Duick VI can’t miss a big round the world race like the Ocean Globe Race, we have a crew of 12, the boat is in good shape for its age and with a rigging refit it will be ready to go!” she said.

According to Marie, she has long been thinking about how best to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pen Duick VI. It was originally planned that the ship would take part in the Elemen'Terre round-the-world regatta, which was eventually canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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