Fiat 500X Yachting - "yacht" version of the popular crossover

The exclusive version of the Fiat 500X has a fabric sunroof, natural wood trim and will be produced in a limited edition.

Rumors that Fiat was working on a special drop-top version of the already rather specific Fiat 500X began months ago. And now they've been confirmed. Meet the yachting-inspired Fiat 500X Yachting, created in collaboration with the Capri Yacht Club, considered one of the most prestigious in Europe.

Technically, the exclusive version differs from the standard version only in the presence of a blue fabric roof, which, according to Fiat, folds in just a few seconds with a simple press of a special button. This opens up a larger window than the regular 500X's sunroof.

The main feature of the Fiat 500X Yachting is in the design. The car is painted in a special color called Blu Venezia. The 18-inch wheels have a two-tone finish with blue accents, while the door handles, mirrors and other trim elements are chromed. Two narrow ivory stripes run along the sides. The hull is embossed with "Yachting" and the Capri club logo.

The Yachting saloon is upholstered in white with blue trim. The instrument panel and shift knob are made of natural mahogany. There are a lot of chrome parts and there is also a Capri logo. Finishing touches are aluminum door sills and a matching key ring.

A total of 500 copies of the special edition Fiat 500X Yachting will be sold. And all of them will be sold exclusively in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

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