Turkish government bans New Year's Eve entertainment in hotels

The authorities of the Republic of Turkey have introduced a ban on the organization of entertainment events with hosts and musical accompaniment in hotels and inns during the New Year holidays.

This decision is presented on the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs. The ministry noted that recently, some hotels and inns offered and put up for sale packages with entertainment programs for the New Year with music and with the participation of hosts, despite the earlier quarantine measures to combat the Chinese virus, which imply a ban on organizing such events.

In this regard, the authorities emphasized several particularly important points in their decision. In particular, they imposed a ban on holding balls, entertainment programs, parties, show parties with hosts and musical accompaniment in hotels and restaurants, as well as advertising such events and selling New Year's entertainment tours. In addition, they banned the accumulation of people in hotels and restaurants operating at them.

For customers who have already paid for the New Year's Gala Dinner, the hotels undertake to return the funds directly or through their tour operators.

As noted in the Association of Tour Operators of the Russian Federation, tourists will be able to celebrate the New Year in the company of relatives or friends in hotel restaurants with food and alcoholic beverages, but without music and entertainment programs.

Recall that from December 1, 2020, tougher rules for the operation of hotels and inns are in force in Turkey. This was preceded by a decree by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the partial introduction of a curfew on Saturdays and Sundays.

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