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This fall, the German shipbuilding company Bavaria Yachts intends to present its new yacht, the BAVARIA C38, to the world.

Earlier this year, the manufacturer has already demonstrated one innovative development - BAVARIA C42. Now he decided to once again please fans of sailing yachts. Distinctive striking design elements such as the BAVARIA V-shaped bow and the sharp chines of the stern joints guarantee safety and excellent driving performance. In addition, the yacht boasts ample space below deck, according to a press release from Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH.

Perfect driving performance, ease of operation, the most efficient use of interior space below deck and the highest level of comfort. Previously, such characteristics were mutually exclusive concepts in the field of yacht design. However, the new BAVARIA C38 does not compromise and is the embodiment of all the above advantages. As with the larger C42, the key design elements of the new BAVARIA C38 are the V-shaped bow of the BAVARIA and the characteristic sharp chines at the stern at the junction of the bottom and sides of the vessel.


“Sharp chines increase stability when swimming with a bank angle of 15 to 20 degrees. When designing the bottom of the hull, the dynamic effect of the chines can also be used to provide faster water drainage from the hull. Modern sailboats often have a very wide stern and, as a result, an increased volume of the back. When the wind increases and the roll increases, the hull of the sailboat loses balance. The stern protrudes more and more from the water, and the bow, on the contrary, is more and more immersed in the water. As a result, the pressure on the steering wheel increases. The V-shaped bow with increased volume compensates for this effect and therefore the boat is easier to handle,” explains designer Maurizio Cossutti, who was responsible for designing the hull shape along with his team.

Almost 80 square meters of total sail area, namely the mainsail (46 m2) and 109%-th genoa (35 m2) provide optimal propulsion that makes the most of the wind. The rig is pleasant and easy to maintain thanks to the standard self-locking jib (30 m2). The BAVARIA C38 sports sailing rig is completed by the Code0 sail (70 m2) and gennaker (130 m2).


BAVARIA's V-shaped bow and sharp chines at the stern have opened up completely new possibilities for the Bavaria Yachts design team in the use of space below deck. “The V-shape of the bow also gives us more space in the bow cabin below deck. The chines allow the large aft cabins to be placed a little further aft. Thanks to these two aspects, the salon also greatly benefits. Seven people can comfortably sit at the dining table in the common living room,” explains Pascal Kuhn, who is responsible for the development of new sailing and motor yachts at Bavaria Yachts.

There is really a lot of space in the cabins below deck. In the owner's cabin in the bow there is a double bed of truly sensational dimensions - 1.73 x 2 meters. The berths in the aft cabins measure 1.50 x 2 meters, which is also an almost record-breaking parameter for boats of this size.


Bavaria Yachts offers several custom configurations for the new BAVARIA C38. You can choose a layout option with two or three cabins. Along with a spacious bathroom and a separate shower on the starboard side in the central part, it is also possible to order a configuration with an additional bathroom in the forward cabin for the owner. A large and bright lounge with an L-shaped pantry, U-shaped sofa, bench and card table will be a favorite pastime for the entire crew. Ready to sail anywhere in the world, the beautiful BAVARIA C38 will cost the happy owner 128,900 euros without VAT.

The BAVARIA C38 completes the BAVARIA YACHTS C-line. This line has already given the world the larger BAVARIA C42, C45 and C50 models, as well as the flagship BAVARIA C57. The public will be able to admire the BAVARIA C38 for the first time at Boot Dusseldorf 2021. By then, the novelty will have already completed a series of first tests, and the production of BAVARIA C38 yachts will be in full swing at the shipyard in Giebelstadt.


  • Length (including bowsprit) - 11.38 m (11.90 m)
  • Hull length - 10.99 m
  • Waterline length - 10.28 m
  • Overall width - 3.98 m
  • Standard hull draft with cast iron keel (approx.) - 2.05 m
  • Draft of optional hull with shallow cast iron keel (approx.) - 1.65 m
  • Hull with standard cast iron ballast keel (approx.) - 2205 kg
  • Hull with optional shallow cast iron ballast keel (approx.) - 2460 kg
  • Displacement of standard hull with cast iron keel (approx.) - 9070 kg
  • Displacement of optional hull with shallow cast iron keel (approx.) - 9320 kg
  • Engine (standard) - 21.3 kW (29.3 hp)
  • Engine (optional) - 29.4 kW (40 hp)
  • Fuel tank (approx.) - 210 l
  • Water tank (approx.) − 210 l (or 150 l)
  • Sail area - 79.3 m²
  • Grotto (standard) - 46.0 m²
  • Grotto (with folding system) - 42.8 m²
  • Cleaver (self-fastening) - 29.3 m²
  • Genoa - 35.0 m²
  • Gennaker − 130 m²
  • Sail Code0 − 70 m²
  • Mast height above waterline (approx.) - 18.57 m
  • I - 15.50 m
  • J - 4.28 m
  • P - 15.00 m
  • E − 5.28 m
  • Category CE A - 8 / B - 12 / C - 14

Design − Cossutti Yacht Design / BAVARIA YACHTS Design Team.

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