In recent years, Montenegro has attracted tourists from all over the world, the tourist flow has been constantly growing, and with it the income.

But now local resorts are complaining about a disastrous season, the number of tourists has fallen by almost 90% compared to last year. At the same time, yacht marinas for expensive boats are not empty - the occupancy exceeds half and reaches 70%.

This season, the marinas at the tourist resorts are less filled than a year earlier. Nevertheless, the management of the companies has no reason to complain - they assure that the current workload and demand suit them quite well. Especially when you consider that now, due to the pandemic, resorts are having a hard time, and interest in sea tourism has fallen a little.

According to the representatives of the companies Adriatic Marinas, as well as Luštica development, the parking lots are currently loaded at about 70%. Another company that manages marinas, Azmont Investments, notes that occupancy is currently lower than desired, but at the same time, it is increasing every day.

The companies do not hide the fact that if we compare the current indicators with last year's, they are lower, but they are very far from the problem ones. As it turns out, premium tourism has been largely unaffected by the pandemic, unlike other forms of tourism. Since June, private planes have been allowed to fly to Montenegro.

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