Russian developers received "gold" Weather Apps Awards

Innovative mobile application, specially designed for athletes in 2015, was recognized by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as the best in the world in the outdoor and sports category.

The product developers are engineers from Russia. The competition, the results of which were summed up on December 15, was attended by 120 applications from around the world, including such authoritative developments as Accuweather, MeteoFrance and MetOffice. is an application for mobile phones that shows professional weather forecast that is adapted to all major types of outdoor activities: fishing, surfing, yachting, cycling, walking, etc.

In addition to the top prize from WMO in the outdoor and sports category, the app also received an award in the category "Awards for innovation and promoting the use of weather and climate data for development". is also a kind of local network where people can chat and share media files.

Today, the development of Russian engineers is used by more than 15 million users from all over the world. is a multifunctional weather aggregator that provides a forecast of a combination of weather parameters such as wind, precipitation, temperature, rise and fall tides, calculates the wind using the WRF system, and also applies technology of nowcasting and neural networks to make a hyperlocal forecast. 

The professional app is available for download on Google Play, AppStore and web.

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