According to the Croatian company Salona Yachts, the SALONA 46 yacht created by it is a unique combination of sustainability and luxury.

And yet, the novelty is the world's first yacht equipped with two electric motors at once. SALONA 46 battery capacity is sufficient for 10 hours of movement at a speed of 6.5 knots or 3 hours at a speed of 8.5 knots.

An important feature is that the creators of the SALONA 46 used the patented ServoProp engines manufactured by OceanVolt, thanks to which the ship can charge the batteries while sailing. For a full recharge, you need to go about 20 hours at a speed of 5.5-6 knots. That is, the yacht is completely autonomous and does not depend on external power sources.

SALONA 46 batteries

SALONA 46 not only looks great, but also provides a high level of comfort. It is built using the latest and at the same time environmentally friendly materials, its body is lightweight, but at the same time very strong. According to representatives of Salona Yachts, the novelty is the best solution on the market in terms of combination of performance, design, comfort and environmental friendliness.

SALONA 46 yacht scheme

The company plans to produce about 20 pieces of SALONA 46 annually. The first model has already been delivered to a buyer from the USA. Consumers can choose from a range of available options. For example, you can purchase a version with 3 or 4 cabins.

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