Seychelles will open entry for Russian tourists

The Seychelles soon plan to open entry for all foreign tourists, including Russians. This was announced at a joint conference of local tourism and health departments, but there is no official confirmation of this information.

The Seychelles plans to receive visitors from abroad in two phases. The first will begin immediately after the authorities officially announce the opening of entry for mass visits by tourists, and will last until mid-March. The main condition for arrival in the country will be the presence of a valid document on vaccination against coronavirus infection. In this case, at least 14 days must pass from the moment of receiving the second dose of the drug. Also, tourists are obliged to provide a certificate of a negative test for COVID-19, made no later than 72 hours before arrival.

The second stage starts in mid-March. Guests of the republic will not have to provide documents confirming the presence of vaccination, but they will still need to show a negative analysis of the test for coronavirus. The refusal to confirm the fact of vaccination is explained by the forecast of the local Ministry of Health, according to which by mid-March more than 25% of the population of the Seychelles will be vaccinated.

Tourists from Russia will be able to go to the Seychelles no earlier than a month after the official opening of the republic for mass tourism. This is due to the fact that at the moment there are not so many vaccinated citizens in the Russian Federation. In this case, the vaccination procedure itself involves two injections, the interval between which is three weeks.

The decision on the official opening of the Seychelles for mass tourism should be announced by the authorities in the coming days.     

Today, citizens of certain states that are recognized by the local Ministry of Health as safe in terms of the epidemiological situation can visit the Republic of the Seychelles. RF is not included in this list.

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