Garmin's internal network turned out to be blocked - all services related to various sports, both land and water, were inaccessible to visitors.

Garmin, a company that creates and develops services and gadgets for athletes, announced a serious disruption in its work on July 23. With Garmin Connect, user data is synchronized and mobile app functionality is ensured, so the failure causes massive damage to the company. Presumably, the hindrance was a virus created by the well-known hacker group Evil Corp.

Among others, the call center was affected, so the company was left without calls, messages and letters in chats for some time. Garmin did not officially mention the cause of the failure. However, according to the ZDNet version, which refers to the Taiwanese press - the iThome edition, as well as some statements by Garmin employees that appear on social networks, the company suffered from a cyber attack.

The actions of hackers led to the fact that the internal network was subjected to blocking, as well as production systems. Presumably, the line will be able to restore the work only in two days. Some of the employees said that the virus was created by Evil Corp, which is sometimes associated with Russian intelligence agencies. Until the systems are restored, it is recommended to synchronize data using other systems.

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