Russian billionaire Oleg Tinkov became the owner of a unique vessel - the world's first icebreaker La Datcha.

A company from the Netherlands was engaged in equipping the vessel, in the same place, near the city of Vlissingen, the yacht was launched. The billionaire was going to be on the ship for no more than 20 weeks a year, and in his absence the yacht would be rented out.

The yacht is 77 meters long and was built by Damen Yachting. Vessel class - SeaExplorer. Among the individual features, one can single out an extended fuel tank, as well as garbage collection systems - universal and meeting all the most advanced technologies in this area.

Thanks to the ability to store large reserves of fuel and an impressive tank, as well as an innovative garbage disposal system, the yacht can not enter the port for up to 40 days. It has a couple of helipads, snowmobiles and a personal submarine. Jacuzzis are installed on the ship for a comfortable stay - one under the roof and the other on the deck.

Also, the ship has a sauna, steam room, massage room, training room, fully equipped with the latest technology. The maximum speed of the yacht reaches almost 27 km / h, i.e. 14.5 knots.

You can go on the La Datcha yacht to the most distant corners of the planet - both to the polar pole and to hot countries.

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