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Today, most European countries are experiencing the third wave of coronavirus infection, which is why they announce another lockdown.

At the same time, other countries of the world are gradually lifting quarantine restrictions and opening borders for the entry of foreigners.

On March 8, Israel allowed certain categories of citizens to enter the country, and on March 16, all restrictions on air travel were lifted. It is possible that in the near future direct flights to the State of Israel for Russians will open.

Spain will open its borders for tourists this week. At the same time, to enter the kingdom, travelers will need to provide a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus with one of the drugs approved by the European Union.

Since March 12, easing that relates to the entry of foreign citizens has been introduced by Peru. Now tourists may not comply with the 14-day isolation regime, but are still obliged to provide a negative test result for COVID-19.

Some popular tourist countries have announced estimated opening dates. In particular, from next month, entry for tourists may open Cyprus. From May 1, Bulgaria is preparing to receive tourists, and from mid-May, Greece plans to lift restrictions on 500 travelers a week.        

The situation with other states of the world is not so optimistic. Most EU countries, faced with the third wave of the virus, introduce a lockdown. Since March 15, quarantine has been tightened in Italy, and until April 6, only local citizens and foreigners who have good reasons for this are allowed to enter the state. At the same time, they can enter the country only from the territory of the European Union and some countries of the world, which are declared by the government as safe.

Partial lockdowns are currently in effect in Poland, France, Hungary and Estonia. Until April 17, the borders for foreigners in Finland are closed. The issue of introducing a lockdown is being considered by the German government.


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