The Polish shipyard Sunreef has an almost forty-meter catamaran in its lineup.

The ship is suitable for ocean travel and is not afraid of getting into a storm. The 40 M Sunreef Explorer became the shipyard's second largest motorized model. 49 M Sunreef Power surpasses it in length by 11 meters and in width by 3.5 meters.

The yacht has three decks, the total living area exceeds 650 m2. The owner of the boat, as well as his guests, are provided with excellent opportunities for recreation. You can admire the sea view from your balcony and not leave your apartment. The spacious bow terrace offers guests to admire the scenery from no less pleasant angles.

There is a jacuzzi not far from the dining area. Comfortable loungers of impressive size are installed around it. There will also be a sauna on board. To plunge into the sea water, you can use a hydraulic bathing platform with a width of more than 13 meters, that is, the same as the width of the yacht itself.

The salon has a pool table with a special mechanism so that it is not affected by pitching. It will be very convenient to explore the coast on a seven-meter tender. You can lower it into the water using a special crane. There are two jet skis in the garage. The full range of options will be announced later, but they promise to prepare the catamaran for any surprises.

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