Ferrari-inspired superyacht debuts in Europe

Shipyard Lürssen has officially announced the launch of a 115-meter vessel, codenamed Project Enzo.

The name of the project is a tribute to the legendary Italian racing car builder Enzo Ferrari, whose name is now associated with speed, style, quality and magnificence. Exterior designers Nuvolari Lenard Design said Project Enzo was inspired by the LaFerrari hybrid supercar, which was released in 2013 in a limited edition of 499 units worth more than 1.3 million euros each.

According to a press release from the company, the customer already owned an 86m Lürssen yacht and was so inspired by both the vessel and the process of its creation that he decided to repeat the experience. For obvious reasons, the name of this fan of the Ferrari brand was not disclosed. It has been speculated on the web that this could be Piero Ferrari, Enzo's son, but there is no evidence for this.

As was the case with the client's first yacht, Nuvolari Lenard handled the interior and exterior design while Moran Yacht & Ship oversaw the design and construction process.

When creating Project Enzo, the main emphasis was on luxury and comfort. On the 6 decks of the vessel, there was enough space not only for cabins, but also for a spacious gym, pool and wellness center. Everything has been done to ensure that the owner with the same pleasure could make both short-term cruises and long ocean voyages.

It is also stated that during the construction of Project Enzo, the latest technologies and engineering systems were used to improve safety and comfort. Much attention was also paid to the "green" component. For example, the water in the pool is heated by removing heat from the generators. However, Lürssen managed only general information and did not disclose details. Perhaps they will become known later.

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