A network of marinas will appear in the Krasnodar Territory

In the Kuban, on the coastal territories of the Black Sea, they plan to implement a large-scale project to build a network of harbors. There is an increased interest from foreign investors in already constructed marinas.

The author of the project is Nikolai Grishin, an employee of the design and architectural agency "Gor-project". Today, a clear action plan is being prepared - a road map. For the successful implementation of the plan, it is necessary to solve some legislative issues.

According to Ekaterina Kodzasova, an employee of the Center for Strategic Initiatives, the development of the coastal zones of the Kuban is one of the priority points of the Krai Development Strategy until 2030. The development of yacht tourism will provide an opportunity to improve the investment attractiveness of the region. After all, the marina is a specially equipped parking lot for boats and boats, where crews and guests are offered various types of services. As a rule, marinas are built in those regions where yacht tourism is well developed.

Kodzasova notes that the Krasnodar Territory is a starting or transit point for cruises on ships. The construction of a network of harbors in the Kuban will contribute to the emergence of new jobs, the expansion of coastal areas through the creation of bulk structures. Yacht owners in Russia will not have to moor their vessels hundreds of kilometers away, for example, in Turkey, and pay quite large sums for this.

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