Selena Gomez Ice Cream

Popular singer, favorite of millions, Selena Gomez is preparing to release a new video, which fans are already looking forward to.

The premiere is scheduled for Friday, August 28. The name of the song is "Ice cream", which means ice cream in English. Selena will appear as an ice-cream sailor.

The first pictures from the filming of the video are already circulating on the Web, and fans have the opportunity to discuss how charming Selena looks in a sailor costume, dancing and singing well, moreover, she also manages to distribute sweets to others, offering delicious ice cream left and right.

In the frame, along with Gomez, the famous Korean group BLACKPINK appears. Such an association of popular musicians for the sake of a new video looks quite expected. At least fans have long wanted to see something like this and have no doubts about the success of the experiment.

The Asian group has its own audience of millions, Selena Gomez is also popular all over the world, so all groups of loyal fans welcomed the news of the appearance of a fun song performed by everyone's favorites. Judging by the first frames, the work turned out to be successful.

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