In Russia, they want to build a mega-resort of the Arab format

Experts believe that the achievements of Dubai and Saudi Arabia will help the development of domestic tourism.

Roman Yeremyan, head of the Center for Strategic Analysis and Innovative Development of the Union of Tourists, noted at the MITT international exhibition that the future of Russian tourism belongs to those companies that can provide vacationers with "the maximum of vivid travel experiences in a shorter period of time."

The expert said that several decades ago, natural and man-made resources were exploited - mountains, coasts, urban architecture, while the tourism infrastructure performed an exclusively practical function. However, at the turn of the century, there was a trend towards the development of integrated resorts and a simultaneous decrease in the average time of a tourist trip. And this trend will only increase every year.

As a vivid example of this approach, Yeremyan cited the experience of Dubai in developing its beach structure, the developments of American tour operators and the modern project The Red Sea, which is being worked on in Saudi Arabia today. According to the expert, investors plan to invest more than $80 billion in the Red Sea program. A seawater desalination station for 600 thousand cubic meters has already been implemented there. m, which is equal to the daily consumption of four Sevastopol.

If Yeremyan’s predictions come true, then Russian tourism will need to adapt to new requirements as quickly as possible, while the development of the tourism industry within the country may follow the path of creating mega-resorts that should also be competitive on the international market.

Meanwhile, Vadim Prasov, President of the Union of Restaurateurs of Russia, is sure that in the next ten years it will not be possible to realize the idea of creating resorts in the Arab format. He notes that it is easy to talk about such a possibility, but to translate it into reality is quite difficult. You can try to copy Dubai, but in the Russian climate it will be problematic to do so. In addition, the required investments are unlikely to be found.

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